Cyber Security Engineering MS

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Jalen Johson

Program Overview

The MS in Cyber Security Engineering will provide students with a rare combination of highly technical knowledge and skills, cybersecurity expertise, and a holistic systems engineering perspective. Students will learn how to design, plan, and manage systems and procedures for protecting critical physical and cyberinfrastructure from external threats, including terrorism.

Students will also learn about the deep technical foundations of cybersecurity in the form of software, hardware, networking, and cryptography, as well as systems engineering tools and methods to design and secure complex cyber-physical systems. 

Graduates will prepare to design and implement secure complex and cyber-physical systems consisting of software, hardware, and networking components; respond to, investigate, and remediate incidents involving these systems; and develop offensive and defensive tools and techniques to attack and secure these systems.

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The Cyber Security Engineering, MS program was approved by SCHEV for the fall 2020 semester. Applications are being accepted fall 2020 onward.